A Blessing In Disguise

A few days ago, the bills of our household were piling up on us, and we had lost the luxury of both the internet and our cells. We were seemingly cut off from the rest of the world, information couldn’t have been obtained, I had no access to anything on the digital world, and quite honestly, I was perfectly fine with it. It felt a bit strange at first, to not have the entire information of the world at my fingertips, but then I started looking around and simply looked for something else to do, T.V. was a bore, but then my brother, Greggy, suggested reading something like I had always claimed I “wanted” to do.

So I grabbed a book he got for his birthday some years ago, The Blood of Aenerion by William King, it was the story of the young High Elf Princes Tyrion and Teclis, old friends from Warhammer, who’s history and legends I was familiar with, but this was during the times before their days of glory and legend, and I was simply blown away by it, although that could be because of my familiarity of the two protagonists, but I was even more surprized at myself, I wasn’t playing a game on my phone, nor was I mindlessly surfing the web, looking at useless things that will never apply to my own life. I do feel guilty at the prevention of my responsibilities being fulfilled on NF, but this situation is pretty much out of my hands. But I’ve come to realize how much of a distraction the internet has become for me. I mean, even right now as I’m typing this on a OneNote document, I would’ve been distracted with Facebook, opening a new tab and googling something random, or just plain staring at random articles or information that I didn’t really need to know, or already knew. It’s a pretty bad cycle.

So the time for Lent has come and I’ve made my decision to sacrifice something large in my life as well as try to introduce something else all in hopes that this will let me become closer to God. And so when my sister recommends that as an added sacrifice for Lent to restrict the time spent on the internet to two hours, I readily jumped on it. I work best if I have set restrictions upon myself, so this 2-hour time limit suits me just fine. Although the main purpose is so that one of my other brothers doesn’t just isolate himself in his room all day, every day, we are willing to also make that same limitation so as to not make him feel any lesser.

And I must admit, that this temporary change is having a bit of a ripple effect on the whole family, instead of mindlessly playing our games on the phone, Greggy and I spend our time after chores, reading, him, his Legend of Zelda mangas, and me, his Aenerion book. We even turned off the T.V. so as to avoid wasting the energy while we’re reading and it has become so peaceful. I love this freedom that we’ve found ourselves in. It’s relieving, not having the entire world wide web so easily accessible, it’s like I can just take the time to stop and sit down and simply be in the present moment, not thinking about the distant future, or the past that is Facebook, or even in present moments that are completely irrelevant to me and my life. I feel calm and not rushed, even more energetic thanks to this turn of events.

Speaking of events, the General Manager of a local store, asked David if they know anyone hiring and my name was mentioned, as soon as I got word of it, I immediately got dressed and ran out the door, meeting up with said manager and he informally interviewed me, I gave out the answers as honestly and as best as I could, remaining humble, yet determined, and I left there thinking that it went well, so hopefully, God will grace me with a job, it wouldn’t be much, but hey, it’s better than nothing. Also Greggy has registered for school after a long period of inactivity, he’ll be taking classes in the summer and I’ve planned on talking to the people at the Library of the community college and hopefully I can help him find a job at the campus. Norm has at this moment, flown to Boston for another show for his work, he called earlier today letting us know that he has landed safely. A couple of days ago, my Mother went to her doctor’s appointment where she discovered she had lost 30 lbs thanks to my sister’s diet that she has placed my mom under. We left the hospital with a big smile on her face and a clean bill of health, that is, cleaner than it’s been for quite some time.

So it looks like things are progressing rather well with my whole family, with the metaphorical and digital loss of the world, we’re gaining something more, each of us. I can only hope that when we do get the internet back, that I hold true to the lessons learned in these last few days, and not forget that I don’t need to have my face glued to this screen to be happy, and that a little initiative can go a long way.