An Unexpected Turn of Events

Today, my family and I were planning out our Spring Break vacation, and we’ve decided on Las Vegas, not for the gambling but for everything else, in fact, we’re in agreement that if we ever step foot into a casino, we’re there for the buffet.

So as we were searching for a Hotel to accommodate my ill mother, we found a good one and call them up, as their amenities were spectacular, we booked our rooms there, thinking we’re only a few ways from the Strip. Later on that day, when my brothers and I returned from the gym, my sister tells me that there’s something wrong. When she checked the address of said hotel, it was surprizing.

Not only was the hotel further than we originally thought, the surrounding areas from the Street View was also completely different!

After some discussion about what happened, we realized that we prayed to God for a peaceful time where we can all relax. As it turns out, God has chosen this new location for us to recover rather than the one we had originally thought, which was closer to the Strip.

This is when I know that God is there, guiding us, even sometimes changing what we saw with our own eyes, to give us what we need. Now we are all looking forward to this vacation with much anticipation, because simply put, we’ve been blessed with it.

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