A Great Start to Spring Break

Today, I dropped off the girls to their school, picked them up afterwards, went to the movies with my Sister and Bro-in-law, and saw Chavez, that was a good movie. Picked up some supplies, playing Disney Infinity with my eldest niece, ate some Pizza, and now I’m starting to watch Game of Thrones, which was a trend I had failed to jump on when it started.

Quite a bit happened in one day, I must admit. If this is a foreshadowing of my Spring break, then I’m going to have a memorable one this year.

Watching Chavez showed me a history, I’ve all but forgotten. My Mexican heritage is full of heroes and martyrs, battles and spilled blood, pain and sorrow and sacrifice and loss. At the end of the movie, I felt guilty. Guilty that I have little to no memory of these things, these things that my people have gone through, that my family has gone through. Here I sit, with luxuries and food and a family, and looking at what I have seen, in the back of my mind, I knew that I have been taking all of it for granted. The labors and pain and sacrifices others have made should never be forgotten by the descendants of those who have made them…

And I will no longer forget my past.

Random Quote #182

Potest ex casa magnus vir exire – ‘A great man can come from a hut’ – Latin Proverb


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