“Be kind to everyone, because you don’t know what kind of battles they are going through.” – Plato

I saw the movieĀ Saving Mr. Banks again, on DVD with my family, and here I bear witness, yet again, to people who have come from scarred backgrounds and risen to heights unimaginable.

I remember one of the prompts that I’ve written is, “How will my story be titled?” and my answer still is, a life that has slowed to a crawl.

But this chapter isn’t finished yet. In fact, I think that I’m merely not reading it right. Maybe, it’s not slowing to a crawl, but in fact, just shifting the focus of the attention to something else, something I haven’t been focusing on.

Time will always tell us the history that we forgot to see, maybe someone will point out something that I’ve never considered before, as per the usual with my life. But I have no worries, if this is the life God has chosen for me to walk, then this is where I must be.

Otherwise, if God wanted me to be somewhere else, then wouldn’t I already be there?