In 4 days, I will be 27, and as pointed out by my niece, I’ll be 3 years from being 30 years old.

Wow… 30 years old… I’ve gotta say, I don’t feel like I’m remotely close to being 30. If I didn’t know how old I really am, I’d still think I’m early/mid-twenties.

Normally, I’d feel a bit discouraged, realizing how close I am to reaching such a number as 30, but I don’t. I can’t, I’ve forsaken the standards of time that society has placed upon me and now I’m free to do what I think is right, for as long as I think it’s right to do it in.

After all, I’ve read an article about helpful advice people who’ve reached their 30’s have to offer and one of the best ones is:

No one really knows what they’re doing.”

So why should I conform to a standard set by those who do not know what they’re doing? Only God and I know how this life of mine goes, the standards and rules that were set by God and myself. And while God knows where it ends, I am the one who makes the move.

I’ve always said that Life is like a giant game of Chess, where God is the player and we are the Pawns only moving forward in time, God can see every possible outcome, but it’s only us that makes the move. So as I make a move that allows me to spend my 27th year on this earth, I know that my move is one that I make based on rules and regulations that I’ve chosen to follow, and not set upon me by others who do not know me.

Twenty seven years. I must admit, it does put a smile on my face, now if only I can figure out why.


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