As White Mountains Pass By…

Today was a wonderful day.

Growing up in California, the weather hardly changed to anything other than “Sunny” or “Sunny and cold”, so when a weirdly individual like myself experiences anything outside of the ordinary, there’s a feeling of joy that overcomes him, taking parts from every lesson in life, he pieces together something simple, using odd ends of philosophy and complex scientific words that require heavy handed knowledge.

No, this simple thing can only be described in very small words, no need for articulated jargon, nor theories from those who have long since walked this world. No, this simple thing, this feeling, can only be felt. An admiration that can only be felt with a sense of challenge, of defiance, of passion.

That feeling, that thing is simply: Life.

Today was a wonderful day, because the sky was filled with clouds as white as snow and as high as skyscrapers, the wind blew with an invitation to a challenge, and the cold air filled every breath with a refreshing energy all that was left was pieces of a deep royal blue, as deep as the sea.

I have no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow, but if this feeling is anything of a foreshadowing of what is to come, than what will come will be extraordinary, joyful, and even, blessed.

This is the eve of our trip, and I have nothing but a good feeling about it, nay, a Great feeling about this!


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