Disappearing on the Horizon

So here I am sitting in the hotel room, with my brother, the other members are in their own rooms, and the first thing I did after unpacking was the classic, jumping on the bed.

… And it was SO soft. So soft, I didn’t even bounce, I merely landed.

Driving here, all I could see was the horizon all around me, the world seemed endless, and I felt like my sight can extent to eternity.

I love road trips. The air, the space, the sudden sensation to reflect upon various things, it’s perfect.

My home is behind, and the world is ahead of me, and I can imagine myself standing in my room, staring out of my window, seeing the mountains at the edge of my sight. I can see my car slowly becoming a white dot on the street, until it vanishes on the mountainside.

Going back to the car, I am now behind that very same mountain, upon which I have always see the silhouettes of a knight and a dragon, frozen in mid battle. They’re probably the results of some tree lining up together, but still, it’s inspiring to see that scene sometimes.

Now I’m the one on the horizon, a mirage taunting the would-be observer, dancing in the heat of the land. My smile stemming from a joy only known to me.

A joy that will echo in my actions for a long time to come.


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