To Stand

Today as I was waiting for the girls to come out of their school, I started to think of something:

I feel a little differently when I’m standing up straight.

It’s natural for people to slouch, but when you stand up straight, the world seems a lot differently. But you can’t just stretch out your neck, no, there’s a proper way to stand up.

Chin up, Chest forward, Back straight, Arms to the side, Stomach sucked in, Shoulders back, Head forward.

And you must hold this position as you walk, swing your arms like you mean it, not have them flying in random directions, but to move with a purpose. To be a walking statue of resolve, making your presence known to all who look upon you. It’s quite encouraging, if I do say so myself.

It some how helps the flow of one’s energy to reach a point where there’s nothing but smooth canals to reach every point of your body, nothing restricting your internal potential, you would feel like you can withstand the forces of nature itself, simply by standing up right.

Quite honestly, I’ve no explanation for it, I just know that standing up right has always made me feel stronger, taller, tougher, like I’ve obtained the ability to change the world.

I remember when I used to work at the Library, my habits of stand up erect came from 4 years of JROTC, as well as from being a Dragon Ball Z fan, and I’d usually get commented on “moving like a soldier”, “walking like I’m on a mission”, or even “You’re weirding me out, by standing like that.”

But it’s just addicting, feeling empowered due to slight muscle adjustments, I can’t shake it. I don’t really want to, I want to move with a purpose, how else am I supposed to move? Why should I not feel better? Stronger? Tougher? Like I can– should take on the world?

Charlie Brown


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