The 7-Year Cycles

I read an article from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a rather interesting web comic, with some pretty funny images. Like one depicting a man running down the sidewalk in public, wearing only underwear and a cape and yelling “For Science!” and the captions reading, “If you yell the right thing, you can get away with anything” or something to that effect.

So they came out with an interesting one, It doesn’t have a title, but if it did, I’d bet it’d probably be called something similar to “7-year Cycles” Link here.

And it’s interesting, it says that it takes 7 years to master something in an average life. So if you applied yourself to master something within the span of 7 years, and started at 18, then you would have lived 9 different lives by the time you became 81: An Artist, a Doctor, a Singer, a Cook, an Astronaut, an Astrologist, a Poet, a Businessman, a Cowboy. But using humor, they explain that you can do something as profound as building a hoverbike, “Because…?” someone askes, “Because Hoverbike!” you’d respond!

The idea is that, the statement “You only live once” is a terrible lie. You can live a variety of lives, should you put your mind to it. The lives you would live can be as distant from each other as the corners of the world, they are however available to you to use at any moment’s notice. It’s a terrible thing to constantly reflect on things that no longer matter, the comic describes this as, “Death”.

If you don’t let yourself “die”, you’ll be constantly hung up on something that you knew were good at, but never pursued it.

If you’re afraid of “death”, then you’ll learn one new skill and if you don’t apply it, then you’re lost.

If you think you’re already “dead”, then you’ll be constantly in a state of past events and what if’s and alternate realities that suit your past glories.

But I like this. The concept that Life isn’t lived one chapter at a time, but one Book at a time, Red: The Doctor, Red: The Traveler, Red: The Guy Who Built a Hoverbike, and so on.

The idea is to let yourself “die” and pursue another “Life”, not necessarily changing your entire world, just the main focus of it within a span of 7 years, or however many years it takes for one to master a new skill. It might take shorter than 7 years, or it might take longer.

Well, As of right now, I’m trying to master the Life of Red: The Doctor. It’s taking a lot more than 7 years, but I’m not giving up now! I can’t! I haven’t “lived” yet! Once I’ve achieved the “Life”, then I will let myself “die” and “live” again.

Because when I die, I want to die with a smile on my face.

A.M. Musings

It’s 1:23 AM and for reasons unknown to me, I’m still keeping myself awake with my laptop. So I’m going to write whatever comes to mind at the moment.

*   *   *

I hope Norm has learned to keep his word now, since he was late picking up JP. The man even asked him and everything, so it’s not like it was forced upon him… Come to think of it, I never got that kind of treatment! Man, he should be so lucky! JP never asks me for anything!…

You know, I should take a page from Teddy Roosevelt, the man went to bed at 10PM and woke up at 6AM, imagine all of the things I can do at 6AM! I’d definitely go hiking more, before everyone is awake, even see a sunrise. I remember those lessons that guy wrote for his son, “Watch a sunrise at least 3 times a year.” not to mention that my web surfing goes to mindless places in the twilight hours of the night.

*   *   *

I just realized I can watch the Sunset from my room, I can’t believe it took me this long to see it, maybe it has to do with the fact that it’s closer to summer and the Earth’s Axis is slightly to the side. I saw it today– errr yesterday. It was pretty cool. I can get used to this.

And The Waltz Goes On

Man, it’s been while since I’ve typed an entry, so I’ve got a few things to update with.

Firstly, Upon taking my Mom to her Diabetics class, the instructing RN informed me of the progress of her son, who’s signed up for a Masters Program in Orthotics and Prosthetics. Days later, and I still can’t get that idea out of my head, “You better make sure you love working with your hands.” She told me. Oh lady, if only you knew. So naturally, I looked into it:

  • Prosthetics: artificial limbs custom-made for those who have missing limbs themselves.
  • Orthotics: Bone-setting and slinging of limbs to help their recovery

It’s interesting, I would be in the Medical World, but I’d be on an interesting side of that world, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor, and yet, I can see myself completely immersed in this new world of prosthetics.  I’ve no idea I’d be so into this idea, not to mention that this would be a completely interesting route to Medical School, I even looked up the latest news on Prosthetic limbs, a Bionic Arm that can move Eggs from one carton to another without it cracking. My scientific interest more than piqued! ‘What if I can build an arm that can switch to a Power Drill? Or a Hammer for Nails? Or even something similar to Megaman’s Weapon Change ability!’ Heh heh, This is what I meant. Nena tells me that this interest is because God is trying to tell me something, maybe this is where my destiny lies. Well, I’ve gotta work to get the requirements fulfilled in this.

Secondly, I got this interesting email. It was from a girl who read a profile I had written on a dating website, since the website required money, I simply put an email address for potentials to get to me. Sure enough, she responded to it, we’ve been emailing each other since Monday. It’s going well so far, God only knows where this will lead, but I’m learning to be more open minded to any and all opportunities. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

So that’s all I have so far, I’m currently in the process of making these goals come to fruition, but it’s going to take some time, and in my case, a Leap of Faith.

Also, I just recently learned that Sir Anthony Hopkins wrote a Waltz piece 50 years ago and only recently heard it here! I knew the man was great, and I love Anthony Hopkins, but I never knew he wrote anything like this!

Heavenly Things

I saw Heaven Is For Real, and I’ve gotta say, I really liked it. Not just the visualization of what Heaven is, but I also liked how it showed people who claimed to have faith, and yet, when faced with an innocent child echoing the truth about that faith, they’re filled with discomfort and resistance.

But one thing that stuck with me, is the idea that if God gave you something, especially something you’re deeply attached to, and simply touched it with divinity, how will you react?

So naturally, I asked myself this question… But that’s the thing. Nearly everyday, I’m faced with something that at least has some touch of divinity, granted, no one here claims to have sat on Jesus’ lap, but the faith is strong here, and knowing that God gives us what we need, I can honestly say, that this is enough.

For example, I took my mom to her Diabetics class and the Nurse who was teaching, after telling me about her 19-year-old, newly single daughter, told me about her son and he was in a program in Loma Linda getting a Master’s in Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

That sounded really cool to me, prosthetics more so than orthotics, my mind immediately went to a toy my brother had, a plastic robotic arm that had levers that you can pull in order to move the fingers. I loved that toy… I wonder what happened to it. Well, in either case, The nurse/instructor told me that you had to be good with your hands to be part of that program, and I was thinking to myself, ‘I wonder if she ever tried changing a transmission on a car?’ So naturally, I looked into it, somewhat, and it sounds very intriguing.

I was explaining it to my sister the day after, and after she gave me a scolding look about the daughter part, she told me that this is something I should look into, after all, I like working with my hands and that, this could be a sign from God trying to tell me something. Robotics, Science, Medicine, Working with Hands, Helping people, Creating things; it all seems to fit together.

Well, heh, in all honesty, I’ve no idea, when I pray the Rosary tonight, I’m definitely going to pray for guidance and direction. This sounds like a good option, to speak the truth, and I really like it, imagine me making a prosthetic heart for those who don’t have any, powered by your own blood, although I’d have to figure out how to synchronize it with the nervous system, it would need to pump faster when you need it to, and so on.

You know, one thing I have to admit, whenever I see someone with a missing limb, there’s something of a shock that waves through my body, almost as if I’ve been pricked by a thousand needles at once, I have no idea why this happens to me, but it’s something that always does happen. To give a leg to those who have none to stand on, To shake a hand when they’ve lost it, To complete an individual when they have come to you in pieces.

So here’s the question for me: Is God pointing me in a new direction, trying to get me to take this new route, or is this something else entirely?