Heavenly Things

I saw Heaven Is For Real, and I’ve gotta say, I really liked it. Not just the visualization of what Heaven is, but I also liked how it showed people who claimed to have faith, and yet, when faced with an innocent child echoing the truth about that faith, they’re filled with discomfort and resistance.

But one thing that stuck with me, is the idea that if God gave you something, especially something you’re deeply attached to, and simply touched it with divinity, how will you react?

So naturally, I asked myself this question… But that’s the thing. Nearly everyday, I’m faced with something that at least has some touch of divinity, granted, no one here claims to have sat on Jesus’ lap, but the faith is strong here, and knowing that God gives us what we need, I can honestly say, that this is enough.

For example, I took my mom to her Diabetics class and the Nurse who was teaching, after telling me about her 19-year-old, newly single daughter, told me about her son and he was in a program in Loma Linda getting a Master’s in Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

That sounded really cool to me, prosthetics more so than orthotics, my mind immediately went to a toy my brother had, a plastic robotic arm that had levers that you can pull in order to move the fingers. I loved that toy… I wonder what happened to it. Well, in either case, The nurse/instructor told me that you had to be good with your hands to be part of that program, and I was thinking to myself, ‘I wonder if she ever tried changing a transmission on a car?’ So naturally, I looked into it, somewhat, and it sounds very intriguing.

I was explaining it to my sister the day after, and after she gave me a scolding look about the daughter part, she told me that this is something I should look into, after all, I like working with my hands and that, this could be a sign from God trying to tell me something. Robotics, Science, Medicine, Working with Hands, Helping people, Creating things; it all seems to fit together.

Well, heh, in all honesty, I’ve no idea, when I pray the Rosary tonight, I’m definitely going to pray for guidance and direction. This sounds like a good option, to speak the truth, and I really like it, imagine me making a prosthetic heart for those who don’t have any, powered by your own blood, although I’d have to figure out how to synchronize it with the nervous system, it would need to pump faster when you need it to, and so on.

You know, one thing I have to admit, whenever I see someone with a missing limb, there’s something of a shock that waves through my body, almost as if I’ve been pricked by a thousand needles at once, I have no idea why this happens to me, but it’s something that always does happen. To give a leg to those who have none to stand on, To shake a hand when they’ve lost it, To complete an individual when they have come to you in pieces.

So here’s the question for me: Is God pointing me in a new direction, trying to get me to take this new route, or is this something else entirely?


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