The 7-Year Cycles

I read an article from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a rather interesting web comic, with some pretty funny images. Like one depicting a man running down the sidewalk in public, wearing only underwear and a cape and yelling “For Science!” and the captions reading, “If you yell the right thing, you can get away with anything” or something to that effect.

So they came out with an interesting one, It doesn’t have a title, but if it did, I’d bet it’d probably be called something similar to “7-year Cycles” Link here.

And it’s interesting, it says that it takes 7 years to master something in an average life. So if you applied yourself to master something within the span of 7 years, and started at 18, then you would have lived 9 different lives by the time you became 81: An Artist, a Doctor, a Singer, a Cook, an Astronaut, an Astrologist, a Poet, a Businessman, a Cowboy. But using humor, they explain that you can do something as profound as building a hoverbike, “Because…?” someone askes, “Because Hoverbike!” you’d respond!

The idea is that, the statement “You only live once” is a terrible lie. You can live a variety of lives, should you put your mind to it. The lives you would live can be as distant from each other as the corners of the world, they are however available to you to use at any moment’s notice. It’s a terrible thing to constantly reflect on things that no longer matter, the comic describes this as, “Death”.

If you don’t let yourself “die”, you’ll be constantly hung up on something that you knew were good at, but never pursued it.

If you’re afraid of “death”, then you’ll learn one new skill and if you don’t apply it, then you’re lost.

If you think you’re already “dead”, then you’ll be constantly in a state of past events and what if’s and alternate realities that suit your past glories.

But I like this. The concept that Life isn’t lived one chapter at a time, but one Book at a time, Red: The Doctor, Red: The Traveler, Red: The Guy Who Built a Hoverbike, and so on.

The idea is to let yourself “die” and pursue another “Life”, not necessarily changing your entire world, just the main focus of it within a span of 7 years, or however many years it takes for one to master a new skill. It might take shorter than 7 years, or it might take longer.

Well, As of right now, I’m trying to master the Life of Red: The Doctor. It’s taking a lot more than 7 years, but I’m not giving up now! I can’t! I haven’t “lived” yet! Once I’ve achieved the “Life”, then I will let myself “die” and “live” again.

Because when I die, I want to die with a smile on my face.


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