“This is how I change the world.”

A few nights ago, I was praying for some way to see whether or not I was going the right way (a prayer I pray often). My mind was wondering if there was a point to my completing the application to a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-medical program at my University. When suddenly, my mind went to flashbacks.

  • I helped a Case Manager with a printer and within minutes, she wants to help me become a doctor, giving me a letter of Recommendation
  • An old professor has already given me a letter of recommendation despite our lack of communication as of late
  • There are only 2-3 things left for me to complete until I’m finished with the entire application.

Then it hit me: I’ve been guided by the LORD this entire time! I didn’t pray to him for guidance, nor had I given him the journey that I was walking before, but I did not make that same mistake, and now I constantly pray for his guidance and seek out signs that I’m going the right way. So now I’m certain that the path is correct.

However, my mind was still going on a train of thought. And as it ran through several internal conversations, the mental dust finally settled on one thing:” If I have plans to change this world, by however a small degree, then this path, the one I’m currently on, is the right path, simply because no one in my family has even attempted such a feat.”

By my becoming a doctor, Life for me will change entirely! But this will only happen AFTER I’ve completed my trials and tribulations. And yet, those words kept echoing in my mind over and over again, “This is how you change the world.” “This is how you change your world.” “This is how you change the world.” And so on. Since then, my mind feels different, as if I’ve shifted gears and now opened my eyes to something brand new. I feel excited and yet enlightened. Like I’m standing between the calm and the storm.

I have a lot of work to do, but now I’m confident that I now have a fire burning within me (and under my butt). This has definitely stayed with me for a while, I have motivation, and now I have something to focus my discipline on!

This is how I change the world.