My life in Vegas so far

There are a lot of things that have happened since the last time I wrote in this journal, but a quick summary so far:

  • I will begin my Orthotics Residency program at the Clinic
    • Which means I am on the right track to begin my career!
      • Well, I guess I was already on the right track with school, so I guess you can say that this is officially the next step!
    • I will need to review and re-study Orthotics, since it is my weaker subject
  • I’m living away from home for the first time in my life, and I’m more underprepared than I thought
    • By the good graces of my Landlady, she’s been feeding me and helping me out. But I make sure that I still pay my rent and not to rely too heavily on her kindness
    • Thanks to this, I now have the knowledge to really prepare for the next step, when I move in with my best friend in October.
  • I am making some new friends and I’m kind of glad of these ones, some in person, others online
    • My newest online friend I currently have the hugest crush on, but I don’t think it’s reciprocated, but at least she knows.
  • I’m making do with this quarantine, even though my externship is over, I can still work as a volunteer and help out and gain more experience. The more I do the better I’ll become.
  • I’ll try to get back into the flow that I used to have when I first started writing this journal