My Family

People that will always remain in my life. They provide help, advice, instructions, guidance and even obstruction. Based off that, these are the characters that have had influence in my life, I have quite a bit of them, and no matter what happens on this journal, they will always be there.


  1. Grandpa– Deceased – My dad, actually; a Safety Inspector at a steel company, Born poor and with his own father dying at the age of 10, he didn’t grow up with too many father-figures, and that’s somewhat reflected in his raising of us. He was a Practical man, who thought that anything can be fixed if one merely put the effort into it. His idea of relaxing at home was a piece of cardboard underneath a car, changing the oil. He’d never hesitate in doing what needed to be done, and it would always escape him when others didn’t do the same. I learned to love working with my hands, not fearing to roll up my sleeves and get dirty to get the job done, and while everyone kept saying I was smart, he’d always playfully hit me in the back of my head and call me a Taras which I believe is ‘Dumbass’ in Spanish.
  2. Mother – My mother, a woman with an abusive childhood, and now is a walking myriad of medical problems with Death at her door. She is a woman of unshakable faith and always tries to help others, whenever she can. She’s a woman of Self-sacrifice and wisdom, the stereotypical wise Grandmother who has stories with morals and teachings, who’ll sing with a heavenly voice, songs of times past. Her eyes reflect loving care while her silver hair reflects years of motherly worry and tamer of wild children. She always has honor and respect and always makes sure we have that as well.
  3. Nena – My sister, eldest of all seven of us, she has always taken a motherly position when it came to me, despite the fact that we’re only 10 years apart. Married with 2 Girls, she is the master of multi-tasking on various levels, by being concerned of others who are miles away as well as those who are right next to her. She tries to always have everyone’s best interest in mind when the occasion calls for it, and is always aiming to keep the family together, yet knows when to let go. She’s always willing to make the most of any given situation, and although her laugh is something of a cackle, I always have the utmost respect and love for her.
  4. Vicky – My brother actually, once my sister-in-law, his wife, called him that, I’ve sworn to always call him this, or Vickilicious, it’s just too funny! He’s the 2nd eldest, a Computer Geek, in the truest sense. He’s a ‘bit’ on the round side, but his humor is always present, yet with salt and pepper hair, he can easily recognize the gravity of a given situation if need be. Married to another Computer geek, they live together in digital Harmony.
  5. JC – 3rd eldest, not really much to say here, always placed himself as the black sheep of the family, apathetically pushing us away, and then gets mad when we respect his wishes and leave him be. I learned the feelings of Hatred and distrust from him, heh, by him.
  6. Greggy – 4th child, the middle child, a simple man with a heart full of caring and scars. Although he has trouble taking initiative in new situations, he usually does what he can to help others, Always giving and doing more for other than for himself, he’s someone I usually associate myself with everyday, and am proud to call him brother.
  7. JP – 5th child, big, burly, and simple-minded himself, he also places himself as far from the family as possible, yet unable to leave due to reasons only he knows. The center for most family interventions, he tries to fight against who he is, and in doing so, winds up making things a lot worse. A man lost in his own world, yet refuses to open his eyes, we try to make the peace whenever he’s around, yet it gets harder as time goes by and he gets blinded by his own pride and surrounds himself in his lies. Needless to say, Another one who pushes me to the limits of my patience.
  8. Norm – 6th Child, two years older than me, a man, although flawed, I have always had both respect and disrespect for. Ideas fall from his mind like a waterfall, yet he lacks balance and a center. Prideful, yet is learning as time goes on to be more and more humble, but it’s  a LONG road ahead for him. Yet he, along with Greggy, are people I always hang around with, and are proud to have stand beside me through tough times. Even though that we have different points of view that put us at odds sometimes.
  9. Dave – My sister’s Husband, 6’4″ of Chicago Love. He’s a gentle giant who loves his family more than anything. Strong and hardened by the mean streets of Chicago, he’s full of knowledge and kindness beyond compare, You can’t spend five minutes alone with him without laughing. He displays traits and characteristics that I admire and value, and hope one day, to bear.
  10. Siry – My Eldest Niece, A girl who’s tall for her age, and yet, from time to time, I forget how fragile she is. Stubborn and a bit of a drama queen, she bears her parents’ kind heart and is always protective of her lil sister. Her intellect will take her far, and I look forward towards seeing her grow up into a fine woman… Just not too quickly.
  11. Isa – My Youngest Niece, a little more than a year behind Siry, Isa is very active and enthusiastic. Where Siry is clingy, Isa is content with just bopping others with her nose and then running off. Isa’s mind is creative beyond words and she always has something random to say that causes everyone else to scratch their heads.

Sib-Ring Bearers:

These people possess a special memento that separates them from other friends, in my life. They will always be welcome in my heart and I will love them and care for them as if we were of the same blood.

  1. Hermanita – The Girl who started it all, She gave me a ring to always make sure that we’d be connected, and inspired this idea in me. I love her to death, and like any other little sister, she likes to freak me out by various jokes and pranks over Skype no doubt! She currently is going to school in Oregon, a Psych Major
  2. Hermana – the very first person I have given a ring to, upon the oath that she cannot admit failure until I gave her permission. A Passion for Photography, she’s doing well in her life, she’s in Michigan and I have plans to visit her at least once, when I’m able.
  3. Maricris – A friend that I’ve known since high school, yet we became inseparable friends since we started college together. Through thick and thin, we’ve seen it all, and when we hang out there’s laughter in the air. She’s trying to become a Pharmacist, while I joke around calling her a Drug Lord
  4. Tony – A man I knew was good ever since we became friends, Serving in the Army with a daughter at home, I know that in his heart is a Good man who’ll do what’s right when the time comes down to it. A brother to the truest sense.
  5. Harlan – A man I met in LSU, Kind but vulgar, brilliant but lazy, He had looked out for me while we were friends and never asked for anything in return, a Man of honor who swears like a sailor. If you’re honest and a friend to him, he’ll be just the same for you. I have yet to give him the momento.

So these are the people that I know will remain in my life until the end of my days. Obviously, there are bound to be additions to this list and hopefully there won’t be anyone subtracted from it.

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