The Missed Winter

June 1st, I went to my 3rd degree meeting, and the entire time I felt drained, as if I hadn’t slept, and despite the adrenaline when I was picked on to answer a question, I found myself yawning and stretching the entire time.

June 2nd, I didn’t do anything special, and yet the results were the same: Yawning, exhausted, and all around tired. But I never was too tired to do something, nor did I fall asleep.

So what happened? Why did I feel so tired, and the answer was staring right at my face, well thousands of miles above my head: The Sun. It’s getting closer to summertime, and the Sun’s closer to the Earth giving us Longer days and shorter nights, but with an unstoppable increase in the temperature of each day.

Yet, Despite my love for Fire and blazing things, I’ve always preferred the Colder seasons to the Hotter, because in the Winter seasons, you need fire, hot cocoa, and other things to keep going. In order to beat it, you have to have fire in your heart, you have to stay together with others, and if you’re alone, it’s you against nature itself! The chill that crawls up your spine jolts your senses and you’re immediately rushed and awake! I love that winter chill, but the heat that comes in the summer…

It dulls the senses, it slows you down, you’re striving to find shade and freshness when every movement causes you to increase your body heat thus furthering your desire to cool down the body temperature! It’s a horrible cycle, if you stay still, you’re burning up, and if you move, you increase your body temperature through cellular metabolic breakdown of carbs, glucose, and fats, and you’re still burning up. The only people this sort of thing would benefit, are those who are nearby readily large bodies of water: Pools, Lakes, Ocean. But for those of us, who don’t have direct access, it’s horrible, being in the middle of land I’m forced to endure blistering heat and an unforgiving sun, if there’s a breeze, it’s too heated by the sun to provide any form of comfort or it’s smog from other cars passing by, and long days, which increases one’s exposure to all these problems exponentially.

Needless to say, I’m a fan of the Winter time, despite the lack of animal life, due to their hibernation instincts, I love the stillness, the tranquility, the long clear nights, that come with Winter. For the stillness, it’s relaxing, seeing everything stand still, but at the same time, I feel an urge to move and become the only moving thing in a still world. For the tranquility, I see it as a perfect counter in my day for the all of the chaos that I’m adapting to, on a daily basis. The nights, bring about the inner workings of people, their true aspects comes out in the evening hours, their desires, sometimes it’s a good thing, other times, it’s a not so good thing. But oftentimes, people reveal something about themselves in the Night that they don’t reveal in the day.

So now, I have to endure the inevitable heat that’ll come, but hey, it’s not all bad, for one, it helps me appreciate the Winter more and more.