Location & Equipment

Day 27The importance of where you live: our home and environment have a tremendous impact on our lives. Take a look at the eight factors that should be considered when choosing where to live. Maybe you’ve never actually chosen, and you’ve just ended up where you are by default. Take the time today to think about the idea and importance of place. You may determine that where you are is perfect, or you may realize that you belong somewhere else.

Alright, so I think I’ll just lay out the eight factors and reflect on each one.

  1. Professional Opportunities: My current location has plenty of Professional Opportunities, doctors to shadow, places to volunteer, heck, the only thing I’m missing is a research lab, and I can get that at the University which is like less than half an hour away.
  2. Aesthetics: I have mountains in my window and outside my front door, all I’m missing is really an ocean to the side and I’d be set.
  3. Recreational Opportunities: There are plenty of local parks around me, as well as theme parks roughly an hour plus away. Although I’d have to usually travel quite a bit for something interesting, it’s not so bad from where I’m at.
  4. Climate and Geography: The clean open air and sunny days often make me long for snow, for the most part, I’m content.
  5. Available Mates: Despite my shyness to talk to a random cute girl, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of them around me. Just saw one in Michael’s earlier today. I need to overcome my shyness first.
  6. Proximity to Family and Friends: At the moment, I’m still living with most of my family, and my friends are quite a bit away, but not so far as to lose track of them.
  7. Environment for Child Rearing: I have no kids, but if I did, I wouldn’t mind having them grow up where I’m currently at. There are plenty of good schools around and they can still get in touch with nature.
  8. The Cost of Living: I’ve no idea how much it cost to live here, but I’m aware that it’s was quite expensive, if I could afford it, I’d live here.

I’m not sure if I really got all of the priorities that a Homeowner bears, but for now, these are what’s important to me.

Day 28: Finally in this three-day journey, you need to gather the tools necessary to make your life a masterpiece. Take a look at the article, and define the various tools that you will need and use to work towards those purposes and goals you laid out a couple days ago.

This article talks about tools of life that a man should have in order to make life complete as a man. Which are listed is as follows: A Mentor, A Mastermind Group, Journal/Pocket Notebook, Online Tools, Some suggested reading, and Discipline. So I guess, I’ll break them down to see which ones I have and don’t.

  • A Mentor: I have my Bro-in-law, My sister, My Mom, but while each of them are full of wisdom and bear traits that I admire, I wouldn’t consider any of them my official mentor. I’m grateful for their wisdom that they offer when I ask of it, but they specialize in the personal matters of my life being family, and don’t really know much about my academic or professional world, so they can’t really offer me guidance in those fields.
  • A Mastermind Group: I’ve been going to this Young Adults Ministry that my church has, and it’s full of people around my age, and so far, it’s rather too soon to give that this particular label. The purpose of this group is “to discuss and debate, and receive both criticism and inspiration.” the closest thing I have to that is Nerdfitness.com, hardly a ‘group’ but it’s the only thing I got.
  • Journal/Pocket Notebook: Well, this is my journal, albeit a public one, and I don’t have a pocket Notebook, but the concept of it was something that intrigued me before, I need to look into it again, or maybe make my own.
  • Online Tools: a LOT of these look REALLY cool, and I think look into them later on down the line.
  • Suggested Reading: These books are meant to guide you, I’ll write them down and if I see them in a bookstore or somewhere I’ll try to get them.
  • Discipline: Heh, this is something I’m going to be constantly striving to obtain. This is really a trail by fire tool, some days I’ll be like a Marine, other days I’ll be like a couch potato. I need to be more Marine than Potato

So that’s it. I’m really missing a Mentor, which can probably be a doctor; a Mastermind group, which can be formed later on; a Pocket Notebook, which I can make; and more Discipline. I have some tools, but I need to get more.

Children drain the soul

Ha ha ha, sorry, I don’t really mean it, It’s been roughly 6 days since my nieces have come and I’ve noticed that I’m significantly 110% more tired each day than before, so my scientific mind quickly jumped to the differences between then and now.

On a more serious note, I love the girls. I’ll never let them know the true potency and depth of my love for them, because if I did, I’ll be putty in their hands.

Perhaps my new-found exhaustion is due to the fact that I see them in segments, or rather, each summer, so over the year they grow (substantially), and I get the results of said growth, so with that, I have to adapt to their mannerisms and ever-impressionable personalities and quickly!

Sirena is becoming more reserved and technologically dependent, or will be, that is. She tells me that she doesn’t like the outdoors anymore, although I cannot hold anything she says as serious because, well let’s face it, she’s 8. When I was 8, every sentence ended with a 5 second pause and followed by a “PSYCH!”

Isa is raw energy manifested, she’s always running, playing, looking, observing, questioning, heh, she’s constantly curious and her mind is always working and running, heh, when she’s not being lazy. And as strong as she is, she’s scared of walking into the dark by herself. The strength and fragility of a Flower blooming in adverse conditions. I can see this one going far.

Suffice to say, the girls like to play and run around, this is new energy entering the house, and the energy I’m used to, is well not little children energy, I am– or was — used to the stillness of the house, because I was the youngest, and my energy was no longer running around wildly, playing tag.  Oh well, I’m not about to let them beat me again like last year! I’ll get stronger to make sure that not only can I catch up to them, but surpass them in energy!

Oh yeah, and I finally graduated, I’m now a wielder of a Bachelor’s in Biology: Biomedical Sciences with a Biophysics Minor.