It’s Good To Be Home

I’m keeping this very short, but I’m back home in my own bed and my own chair. It feels great. This spring break vacation was just perfect.


Location & Equipment

Day 27The importance of where you live: our home and environment have a tremendous impact on our lives. Take a look at the eight factors that should be considered when choosing where to live. Maybe you’ve never actually chosen, and you’ve just ended up where you are by default. Take the time today to think about the idea and importance of place. You may determine that where you are is perfect, or you may realize that you belong somewhere else.

Alright, so I think I’ll just lay out the eight factors and reflect on each one.

  1. Professional Opportunities: My current location has plenty of Professional Opportunities, doctors to shadow, places to volunteer, heck, the only thing I’m missing is a research lab, and I can get that at the University which is like less than half an hour away.
  2. Aesthetics: I have mountains in my window and outside my front door, all I’m missing is really an ocean to the side and I’d be set.
  3. Recreational Opportunities: There are plenty of local parks around me, as well as theme parks roughly an hour plus away. Although I’d have to usually travel quite a bit for something interesting, it’s not so bad from where I’m at.
  4. Climate and Geography: The clean open air and sunny days often make me long for snow, for the most part, I’m content.
  5. Available Mates: Despite my shyness to talk to a random cute girl, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of them around me. Just saw one in Michael’s earlier today. I need to overcome my shyness first.
  6. Proximity to Family and Friends: At the moment, I’m still living with most of my family, and my friends are quite a bit away, but not so far as to lose track of them.
  7. Environment for Child Rearing: I have no kids, but if I did, I wouldn’t mind having them grow up where I’m currently at. There are plenty of good schools around and they can still get in touch with nature.
  8. The Cost of Living: I’ve no idea how much it cost to live here, but I’m aware that it’s was quite expensive, if I could afford it, I’d live here.

I’m not sure if I really got all of the priorities that a Homeowner bears, but for now, these are what’s important to me.

Day 28: Finally in this three-day journey, you need to gather the tools necessary to make your life a masterpiece. Take a look at the article, and define the various tools that you will need and use to work towards those purposes and goals you laid out a couple days ago.

This article talks about tools of life that a man should have in order to make life complete as a man. Which are listed is as follows: A Mentor, A Mastermind Group, Journal/Pocket Notebook, Online Tools, Some suggested reading, and Discipline. So I guess, I’ll break them down to see which ones I have and don’t.

  • A Mentor: I have my Bro-in-law, My sister, My Mom, but while each of them are full of wisdom and bear traits that I admire, I wouldn’t consider any of them my official mentor. I’m grateful for their wisdom that they offer when I ask of it, but they specialize in the personal matters of my life being family, and don’t really know much about my academic or professional world, so they can’t really offer me guidance in those fields.
  • A Mastermind Group: I’ve been going to this Young Adults Ministry that my church has, and it’s full of people around my age, and so far, it’s rather too soon to give that this particular label. The purpose of this group is “to discuss and debate, and receive both criticism and inspiration.” the closest thing I have to that is, hardly a ‘group’ but it’s the only thing I got.
  • Journal/Pocket Notebook: Well, this is my journal, albeit a public one, and I don’t have a pocket Notebook, but the concept of it was something that intrigued me before, I need to look into it again, or maybe make my own.
  • Online Tools: a LOT of these look REALLY cool, and I think look into them later on down the line.
  • Suggested Reading: These books are meant to guide you, I’ll write them down and if I see them in a bookstore or somewhere I’ll try to get them.
  • Discipline: Heh, this is something I’m going to be constantly striving to obtain. This is really a trail by fire tool, some days I’ll be like a Marine, other days I’ll be like a couch potato. I need to be more Marine than Potato

So that’s it. I’m really missing a Mentor, which can probably be a doctor; a Mastermind group, which can be formed later on; a Pocket Notebook, which I can make; and more Discipline. I have some tools, but I need to get more.

You’re Home, Sister

These last few days, my sister has been trying to get used to the fact that this is her new dwelling place.

She’s so used to doing this from afar and not being there to experience it first-hand, but now she’s here, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and she can’t get rid of that feeling that she’s going to be leaving.

For me, I’m glad that she’s here, in fact, since we’ve had the house blessed, my heart was at peace, for the first time.

Some context:
Before getting the house blessed, my heart knew inside and out, that something was there, to the point where I had to force myself to go to my room, much less go to sleep. and after having the house blessed, I knew the presence was gone, yet my heart kept beating somewhat rapidly in anticipation of it.

So now that she is here, for the first time, my heart felt truly at peace. No ‘sensing’ that something was there, no ‘thinking’ that something was there, just peace.

And now, I remember, that question I never got a chance to ask my father before he died, and now, I’m faced with something similar, I can’t pass up this opportunity to let another person know how much they mean to me. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I will not let another opportunity pass me by, I won’t let another person go unloved and unappreciated.

This is home, your home, my home, our home.

Hitting the Ground, Running

Oh man, these last few days have been hectic!

  1. On Saturday, I’ve learned that a good friend died, his service is on Friday, He was the head usher, who asked me to be one, I was completely shocked upon hearing it.
  2. My Bro-in-law got a job that’s put him 5 minutes driving from the new house.
  3. The process of us getting a new house, has been progressing faster than we all originally planned, so I’m going to have to start packing more rapidly.
  4. With everyone moving around, I’ll be doing most of the work myself along with JP, an entire house of 5 and only 2 people packing, me being one of them.
  5. All this, along with acting as the Parent for the girls, and taking care of anything else miscellaneous that can occur in the family
  6. And finally, trying to apply to school and stay in shape by keeping with up with my workouts.

Needless to say, these next couple of days will be nothing short of interesting!

Remembering the Crow

There was a day, when I was in the middle of college, I was 19, didn’t have my license or car, so there was a small walk I had to take from my house down the road to the Bus stop.

So I was coming home one day, and I was overcame with a feeling to run, for exercise. so I had my bag-sling/satchel and then, I started running, the road between bus stop and home wasn’t far, so I was planning on running all the way. Simple enough.

When I started, I heard a crow beginning to caw, being in California, this was common, so I paid it no mind, although, I didn’t see one, so that thought remained for a brief moment.

Running still, about the first third of the way, the cawing stops.

Halfway there, I got the sensation to keep running… to not stop, but to keep running… it was a strange sensation, one that I’ve not experienced before, so naturally I kept running.

Then I heard the crow caw again, but it’s not from a rooftop across the street, it’s not flying off high above me in the sky… it is right behind me!

I’m still running, and I somehow know that this Crow is right behind me, what he’s doing I have no idea, but it’s right about head-level, then I feel it: the crow’s feet, lunging at the back of my head. In a brief moment, I can feel the upper claws grazing the hairs in the back of my head, it was almost as if, it wasn’t a crow’s feet, but a clawed hand trying to grab me when I was running! The moment was brief, only a fraction of a second, the sensation of claws be they, crows or otherwise, just barely scraping the back of my head was certainly real, without a doubt.

After that, I was still running, if not faster, and I finally reached the street I needed to cross in order to come home, I turned back and there was nothing in the sky, not even the other common birds, the power cables and rooftops were empty.

To this day, I’ve often thought whether or not what I felt was real, or a figment of my imagination or perhaps a metaphor of some aspect of my life, how close evil is truly behind me, or maybe, it could just be that the Crow thought I was a giant bug and it tried to eat me, Ha ha ha.

Still, me being the kind of person that I am, I’m more inclined to think towards the former, that somehow, manifested in my life, was a sign or symbol, of something, often times the Crow/Raven was depicted as the bearer of bad news, the bringer of misfortune, and the like, but I remember the rest of the day being fine.

Perhaps, this is not meant as an external sign, but an internal one. If I slow down in my path to life, or if I look back and lose my way, I’ll be taken by the demons whose hands lie just inches away from grabbing me. I ran because it came naturally to me, so if I stuck to what is good for my life, and what is natural, although pushing me to my limits, I’ll be ahead of that which can drag me to Hell, and finally reach the end of my road, Home.  With this, I realize that my road is much longer than just down the street, and my Home is far greater than where I am now, but that also means that the Crow that tried to grab me is now truly a demon just waiting for me to slow down and throw me into a state of mind that will drive me away from moving towards Home. My path, although long and obviously more complicated than a straight line, isn’t completely shrouded in darkness and despair, it’s merely at the end, for I know what is right and what is wrong, the whole point is to stay on the path, and watch out for the crows.

Mi Familia es mi Vida

We stood in a line, after the final, closing prayers have been said, and after we each tossed a flower over his coffin, people walked and shook our hands, each telling a summation of what they loved best about my Father.

A majority of it can be summed up in this: “He lived only for us. We were all he talked about everyday…”

As far back as I can remember, I never saw my parents leave for anything close resembling date night, even on their anniversaries, my Father wanted the whole family to be together. He never bought himself a single object that wouldn’t later on be a tool or some sort of part that he would use in the future, however, he spent as much as he could on us, to make sure that we had fantastic childhoods filled with toys and playthings that ignited our imaginations and placed smiles on our faces.

He knew not to give too much as to spoil us, but whenever we needed anything that required currency, there was no hesitation. My first year at LSU, I found myself with my homework online, so I had to stay at the school  library late trying to do my homework, a week later, I came home to find a laptop waiting for me, purchased by none other than my Father on his way home from work.

It’s so interesting to realize how often people go out for their own reasons, whether it be, to relax/unwind, or on impulse, or what have you, yet my Father never seemed to have these feelings, at least not for himself. The moment he got off work, he always came straight home, he never went out for beers, nor to hang out with his co-workers, on any activity, not because he didn’t like them, but because in his mind, family was first and foremost.

It didn’t matter that we’d all be swamped with homework or playing or chores when he got there, he was just satisfied with just being home with his loved ones, his family. He’d always walk into the living room just to check up on us, making sure we were all there and alright, right before he’d yell out, “Good night, Kids!”, to which we’d reply, “Good night, Dad.”

Heh, my eyes are swelling…

This was truly one of my best memories of him, every night he’d say good night, making sure to say it to everyone, regardless of where they were in the house.

This particular trait was one of the best qualities I’ve found within him. To live ONLY for his loved ones, to make sure we were happy, clothed, fed, and taken care of, he loved us so much that he never spent a single moment away from us, when given the chance, he’d rather stay at home doing nothing, than be out hanging out with friends, or co-workers, or even with my mother by themselves, for him, we always stayed together.

Although he had this way of thinking, he wasn’t beyond the ideas of others having to leave, save it was the only choice. Otherwise, his realistic mind kicks in, and he’ll start questioning the reasons why you want to leave, which usually boils down because you really didn’t have a good reason.

This idea has lead me to make a pact with myself, to not leave home until I deem it necessary, too often have my friends left home only to bring disappointment or to become someone who’s character is rather untrustworthy. And it has been a rather good decision on my part, I now have a constantly solidifying sense of priorities, and I know what to focus on in the future when I have a place of my own.

But I have learned the ideals of fatherly self-sacrifice and I have an unwavering example of someone who can define what it means to be a ‘Father’ which will be my example when/if I become one, or to be a Father-figure to someone who is not of blood, so that they can see what I saw and learn what I have learned, simply because my Father showed me.

Also tying into Mexican culture, where family ties are rather strong, My Father upheld his cultural responsibilities and I never had a single doubt in his abilities to provide for us, nor ever felt an inkling of loss of control for the family in his hands.

In the end, I’ve learned one major trait I will aspire to obtain: Being there for those I love, regardless of the cost.

My father and I discovering technology.