Distractions and Creations

Day 23: Make a list of things that distract you. Every man deals with distractions, whether at work or at home. It could be the internet in general, it could be a specific website, it could even be something that’s actually beneficial, and yet distracts to some degree from something that’s important to you. Making a list creates awareness, and you can better slay those distraction dragons.

  • Nieces
  • T.V.
  • NF Chat
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Brave Frontier
  • Stumbleupon
  • Youtube
  • Random Googling late at night

Day 24: In modern times, men have become more spectators than doersmore consumers than creators. Yet one of the marks of a mature man is being someone who doesn’t just consume the culture around him, but actually helps create it. Think about all the ways you consume the world around you, and the time you spend doing it. Next, think about the ways you can reverse that, and start to actually be a creator. That’s an intimidating word to some, so come up with ways that you can get off the couch and do something productive instead of just mindlessly intaking.

The ways I consume the world… Hmm… Well, at this point, I’m going to probably think that I’m something of a leech, because I have no job and I have my own room, car and I eat food. Throw in all of the electricity I’m taking up having a laptop and cell phone and I’m almost a black hole of consumption. But then I think about what I did earlier today, I gave up exercising at the gym today to build my mom’s armiore/closet. I’m going to be driving Greg to the gym to exercise with me, I help take care of my nieces when their parents need the assist, homework, projects, and even the occasional tucking them in. I drive anyone who needs a ride, and I’m willing to go far for whatever they might need. I’m always open to listening whenever it’s needed, and whenever someone asks me for something, I don’t hesitate to offer my helping hand. So although I don’t actually create anything, I think I’m finding way to make up my consumption of resources, and I’ll eventually get a job so that I can find more ways to create!


Personal Responsibility

Ever since I’ve been back from Chicago, I’ve focused all of my attention on making my nieces happy, and trying to play with them and keep them happy. Yet, I’ve squandered my time alone. I’ve looked up lustful things, and stayed up until 3 am, just plain wasting time. Not to mention that I’ve allowed my eating habits to slip entirely, and my exercising has completely been non-existent, since I had left for Chicago.

So when I was saying outloud, “Man, I need to exercise again.” my niece Isa, overheard me and simply said, “You know, you can always ask us to leave you alone to exercise.” Sigh… There she goes again, with the simplest motion, the Child has once again helped me find an answer to help me find balance in my life, and have taught me a life lesson, all at once.

Personal Responsibility.

Some time ago, When Isa and Siry asked why I worked out, I told them that I always wanted to be as strong as I can so that when they ask me to do anything, I would never say, “I can’t do it because I’m not ______ enough.” Granted, I’m a poor man, so I can throw in “rich” and not feel guilty about it… Well, too much guilt.

So, while I’ve been spending time with the girls, my strength is waning, my stomach is growing… rounder, and over all, I’m getting weaker. My patience is shortened, and my body is stiffer, I’m not as limber as I used to be, which was like, 4 weeks ago!

Man! I need to be the example for the girls that I once was, well that is, one of the examples that they look at. They’ll record everything in their innocent eyes and I do not want to be the one who teaches them distrust and hatred, especially since I know about it first-hand.

So, I’ll keep myself responsible for myself! After all, there’s no one else who’s going to do so. I won’t be the weak link in this chain! I am going to get stronger, so that I will not make the same mistakes as those before me! I know I have it within me to do great things and I’m going to need all the strength I can muster for what lies ahead.

I have to learn that this Life was left in my charge and I have to make sure it’s the best life I can possibly live, to earn my name and this life that’s been spared from Death for so long, I have to check myself on all levels in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. So far, I’m rather lacking on my own levels towards a happy life, that’s probably because I’m still growing and maturing, I still have a long way to go before I can finally enjoy this life on my own terms. I’m actually looking forward to the future.

Now if I can just muster up some courage to submit my application, I’ll be set!