Red’s Quest

In my quest to become as best a person I can be, and feel like I’ve really deserved this life, I’ve listed out a series of Trials that’ll allow me to reach my maximum potential and then some. Based on Steve Kamb’s Epic Quest on, I’ve made my own, using the stuff from Final Fantasy Tactics mostly:

The Trial of Mt. Ordeals
My Ultimate goal! In Final Fantasy IV, Cecil overcame his own dark demon to become a Paladin. My transition is somewhat similar, I’m hoping to overcome all odds to become a Doctor (in the end we both wear something similar to a white cape :P) But as Cecil was the only one in Baron to become a Paladin, I am the only one in my family to even attempt to become a Doctor, even though the game’s Mountain level was relatively short and simple, my mountain will take years to overcome! I believe this is best symbolized as having my current state manifested as a Squire, because, let’s face it, I’ve got a long way to go. However just as the weight was lifted from Cecil’s conscience, achieving Doctorhood will be as if I’ve conquered the world…

Trial of the Mediator Max Level: 3 – 7
Despite my Mexican Heritage, I’ve always had trouble speaking Spanish, however my attempts to keep trying have provided useful as my language skills are slowly increasing. From the Art of Manliness Website, I’ve obtained their list of 100 books a man should read, along with a few additions particular to me, I’ve compiled a list of 109 books that I have planned to read throughout the course of my life, although I’m contemplating whether or not reading the books online would do me any good as opposed to reading it on actual paper. One additional thing to the list is attending one of the TED Talks based on Biology, I’ve always found their talks interesting and the more I see them the more I want to go there and actually see them.

Trial of the Ninja Max Level: 6 – 10
The Mixture of the Monk Class and the Assassin Class of one of Steve’s Articles. Here, I’ve planned to grow in 3 fields: Parkour, Mauy Thai, and Tae Kwon Do, and reach my maximum skills through Martial Arts, also part of this trial is the ability to perform a Handstand and push that all the way to be able to perform 10 Hand Stand pushups. I don’t know how far I will go in each Martial Art in terms of depth, but I suppose that a certain number of belts/skills/achievements must be acquired before I can level up.

Trial of the Knight Max Level: 13
The Knight symbolizes Strength, not in terms of muscle mass, however. Again taken from Art of Manliness, I’ve found the Hero Training Challenges that was created by Chad Howse, a man, who’s proven to me that his Challenges are not only difficult but are designed to help a man become useful throughout the course of life, in all situations. They are called the Hero Training Challenges – From training a man to help pull someone out of a raging river all the way to catching a Purse-snatcher, it’s amazing the skills required to become a modern day Hero. Also listed under this Trial, are the 5 Benchmarks of a Man, the tasks every man must be able to perform if he ever dares to call himself a man, and these are standards to measure one’s limits, they are: Jumping over obstacles higher than one’s waist, 15 Chin-ups, 25 Dips, Swim 1/2 of a Mile, run at top speed for 200 yards. If I’m able to perform these, or even half of them, I’ll be more than proud to walk with my head held high.

Trial of the Crusader Max Level: 5 – 10
The Crusader Trial is somewhat parallel to the Knight in terms of the Altruistic Philosophy held by both, but the Crusader focuses on the actions taken based on that philosophy. What’s currently under this Trial are the humanitarian actions I’ve always wanted to do, Support a Child for a Year, Host a Successful UNICEF Benefit Banquet, Plant a Tree, Pay off all my Debt, etc. I will fulfill my moral and ethic obligations to my fellow man in this Trial.

Trial of the Traveler Max Level: 7+
I’ve always loved traveling, however I’ve maintained a list of things I’ve always wanted to specifically do, under here lies BASE-jumping off a particular mountain in Norway where they allow you a camera attached to your helmet to give you a first-hand point of view to see the Jump. Other goals under here are fun things, like attending a Mana Concert, Meeting Nubuo Uematsu and shaking his hand (I was SO close last time!), Meeting Steve Kamb and shaking his hand, were not for him, I’d never even attempt ANY of this. I’ve always wanted to see Rome and enter the Coliseum, Attend a few of the Classic Operas like Pagliacci or Carnegie Hall, I’ve always wanted to hear music from the greatest stage on Earth, things of that sort.

Trial of the Bard Max Level: 10
Along with liking Classical music, I’ve always wanted to learn how to play it. the Trial here is simple, learn 5 songs on an Acoustic Guitar and 5 on a Piano, I used to know how to play Pachebel’s Canon, but I’ve forgotten it 😛

Trial of the Paladin Max Level: X
The Trial of the Paladin can only be attempted after I’ve become a doctor, with that said, this will be my permanent Class, once achieved. With this never-ending trial I have listed here, the task of remembering the names (and faces, if able) of all of the people that I’ve Helped, Saved, and even Lost. I have even tasked myself to record the first baby I will deliver, and to try to learn at least 1 thing from everyone I’ve interacted with and record that.

Along with these Trials, I’ve included my Stages of Life Which is a list of other things I want to do while traveling abroad but they’re not something that I’ve always longed to do like the goals listed under the Trial of the Traveler. My Stages of Life are just places I’ve always thought would be cool to visit, like going to Colorado and eating that Giant Stuffed Pizza as seen on Man VS Food, Going to St. Peter’s Ballista and bringing back a Crucifix, in Rome, Machu Piccu in Peru, Brazil, has always caught my eye, and so on.

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