A day off… or two

Yesterday, Norm and I rented movies, and the day before, I finished the section and Practice test of Ochem, and I was going to start Physics section, but with these movies, I’ve decided to take a break, Physics was always easy for me, heh, for the most part, and although I think I’m going to need the book in the future, I’m going to just see how well I can do. I think Baby might have her physics book, so if need be, I can ask her for it, if not study with her.

Heh, I’m currently enjoying the Godfather saga being played on AMC, man, that is just a good movie, from the beginning to the end. I know one day, I will own the saga.

On Nerdfitness, I’ve read a rather inspirational article about the impending challenges one faces in life, it was translated into the Dragon, the symbol of the greatest challenge. It made me think that the MCAT is my Dragon, and then it went on and said to not stop with 1 dragon, true Dragon-Slayers are not content with a single kill, a true warrior of the trade journeys to face all of the dragons that lie along one’s path.

I’ve looked at my Life Goals, and have modified them to reflect Trials of Classes via Final Fantasy V jobs, One of my favorite Final Fantasies out of all of them, I’ve always had a fascination with Job change, in games, and I think that modifying this is allowing me to fully mix the Nerd in me with the Ambitious one, I think I’ve found my center in Life.

I’ve always been a character out of a Final Fantasy game, and now, I can fully feel at peace, I just have to make sure I have my solid grasp on Reality and Final Fantasy.

So tomorrow, I will resume my studies of science and resume my exercises– err Training.

Oh, and I think I’ve gotten Norm a vent for all of his ideas through the making of his own Blog. Now, I’m off to try to finish listening to all of the Zelda Reorchestrated songs, I got.

Level 1 Working to Level 2

Thanks to Nerdfitness, I’m probably going to relate all aspects of my life into video games, in one form or another. I’ve reviewed my Life Goals list, and found that I haven’t yet achieved anything on that list. I know I’m working towards it, and it’ll take time, but it’s funny to consider myself a Level 1 class Human in Life.

I’m in the middle of the OChem section of the MCAT book, and I must say that this got really confusing, really fast. I have to do some serious reviewing of this and of the Chem section, because it’s just too difficult to understand this time around. However, I believe that after I’ve gone through the book this time, I can review and focus on my weakest points and really, thoroughly review them.

Today is Ash Wednesday, and I’m currently typing this with holy ashes on my forehead, and I still don’t know what to give up for Lent this season. I’ve posted a question on Art of Manliness, to see what responses I’ll get. Because I feel I must give up something.

I find myself tying up loose ends now, I’ve found the card of those guys who bought my car so they can put my worries at ease, that the Tbird is no longer under my name. Also I’ve left a message with the UCR Registrar’s office to finalize my grade change. All that’s left is to have my transcripts mailed to LSU and I’m done. Another thing, I’ve thought about, was finalizing my decision to go to D.O. school. With my past checkered with barely escaping not passing, I believe that D.O. schools will be more forgiving, not to mention that in the end, there is no difference, and regardless of what I have after my name, I will be the best Doctor I can be.

Well I have to go and strive to achieve Level 2 somehow, I think that if I become a doctor, I’ll jump to Level 3? or be at 50% towards Level 3? Or perhaps, it’ll just officially change my class like Cecil becoming a Paladin from a Dark Knight? Just increases and changes my responsibilities and granting me healing powers instead of changing my Level?… Perhaps.

In either case, I think I’ll go exercise right now, as I forgot to do it yesterday, due to Stephanie’s tearful Farewell. I’m shocked to feel somewhat effected by it, although she hugged me, what I think was the longest out of all of us, save for Greggy, I’m just concerned for her safety. I hope she turns out alright and is able to move on from this horrible experience that is my Brother.

A rather interesting day

Today was a good day, Norm and I went Paintballing with his friends: Danny, Chris, David, and Jose, and we had a great time! And afterwards I learned that Danny’s Wife, Norma, went to the same high school I went to, we recognized each other, although we didn’t hang out. And on top of this, they know Richard Mariona who was my best friend in elementary, and he’s married to Amanda Lopez, who was also my friend back in high school. Dude! This is a really small world, Norm told me that he met him and that Richard had already asked about me. Heh, that brings back some really good times.

It’s been a while since I last posted, so let me try to recap what’s happened since then. I’m still in the process of trying to get that job at the Moval Community hospital, I’ll probably call Cynthia to check on the progress.

I’m on the Organic Chemistry section of my MCAT book, which would be nice to say I’m making progress with that, however after the Chemistry practice test, I realized that I messed up on a lot of questions I probably should have gotten.

On the plus side, my exercise routine has been superb as I have been running and maintaining my weight-lifting throughout the week. According to Nerd Fitness, I’ve considered myself something of a Fat Elf, yet all this training is causing me to become something of a Ranger. After learning a Martial Art(which is Monk class) and learning Parkour(Assassin class) I can become what I would consider Ninja class: Disciplined agility and strength mixed with adaptability and cunning. This is my goal anyways, my Level 50.

I guess this journal missed my sister’s visit, in which I ran the D.O. idea with her and she said that I should look into it. I’ve been considering it lately, because I know my grades aren’t the best and my past is checkered with many losses and C’s which greatly hurts my chances of entering medical school. I don’t know what to do, all I want is to be a doctor and a good one at that. I’ve seen some of those ER shows and some of them are DO doctors, and to my surprize they’re just like MD doctors, infact, until recently, I didn’t know that there was a difference! Well, we’ll see how this new information serves me in the future.

I have been informed that my Graduation present from David and Nena will be a “new car”, which is actually her car, a SeaBring, which she will reward me. I’m glad to have my own car, lol, I joked that she’s really giving me a fridge instead of a car like in that SuperBowl Commercial. Now all that’s left is for that OChem 112B class grade to get changed and then I can officially be completed with my B.S. and finally walk away at the Graduation Ceremony without any hesitation.

Now I’ve obtained the 1st and 2nd Trigun OSTs and I’m enjoying it, updating my 8tracks mixes and listening to the songs and they bring new and old feelings to my mind. I also have the Mega Man Anniversary Songs, including the Proto Man theme song that has eluded me all this time.

Hmmm… I can’t think of anything else to bring up, so I suppose this is where I’ll end it here. It was nice seeing my sister again, even if it was for a short time. When they come to live with us, I’ll be estatic and grateful for it, her, David, and even the Girls. Such colorful characters they are and with outside points of view I can really learn a lot from them.

…and the Dead Walk again

Tomorrow is the return of Walking Dead, as I am a Zombie fan/Future survivor, I’m glad to see this show come back.

Also reflecting from that point, I’ve been keeping up with my exercises fairly well, it’s been a week and I’ve just introduced interval running into my regime. Unfortunately, my run was interrupted, but now I know exactly how I’m going to run the next time I do this.

So this will complete my exercise routine, 3 days Weight-lifting, 2 days Interval running. For weight-lifting, My Press is 50 lbs, Shoulders are 10 lbs, Rows are 30 lbs, Biceps are 10 lbs, I can Plank 30 sec., Squats are with all of the weights we currently have (so I’m personally happy with that!), and my count with leg raising exercises is 10, I should be able to aim for 12, and this is the first set. I can do 2 sets currently, along with some 30 sec. stretches. For the interval run, I’ve realized that 8 is roughly 70% of my max speed, so each interval will be increased by 0.5 increments, and with this I think that I’ll reduce my walking from 2 minutes to 90 seconds each, that should be sufficient without my slowing down too much.

And all this ties to my ideas of being able to survive the Zombie apocalypse, if/should it ever happen. I think this was inspired by a dual dose of finding Nerd Fitness and this:
For some reason, This particular image has stuck with me, in my mind, I can imagine some better form of myself, saying this to Current me. I’m grateful to have found this, and through this fictional opponent that stands before me, I can see myself sticking to this exercise routine, and eventually picking up Martial Arts. Things are looking up for my physical health, now once Greggy gets better, I’ll be able to resume my reading and try to improve my mental state, and hopefully spiritual.

Dangerous Beauty

Today was a rather interesting day. It’s Superbowl Sunday, with the NY Giants VS the NE Patriots, I don’t watch Football normally, however I found myself rooting for the Giants. Sure enough, they won, and then, Life will resume as normal, interestingly enough, Stephanie came by and gave us loads of food for lunch. It seems like tomorrow, we’ll be having left-overs for lunch. So now I find myself reflecting upon the last time I wrote an entry. So now, I have plans to speak to Prof. Marsella to finally straighten out the dilemma with my grade.

Heh, I was chatting with Harlan a couple of days ago, and he threw out how I should go to this speed dating thing, I told him I was alright, which reminded me of Nate saying that I’m Passive-aggressive in terms of finding girlfriends. He said that I ‘always was alright’ which got me to thinking about when I should start actively seeking out a girl. A question to which, I didn’t know the answer to. To¬† seek a girlfriend… hmmm… a rather interesting pursuit.

For now, I need to focus my energy on becoming a doctor. Once that happens, I can start living my life, in a manner that I see fit, until then however, I must study hard and do well on the MCAT, and then apply to Medical school, *Sigh* This is going to be interesting. I really doubt I’ll get in on my first attempt, however I will not withhold anything in my attempt to do so. I’ll apply to as many schools as I think would help, and if/when I don’t get in, I’ll accept my defeat and try again the following year. I don’t know what I’ll do from one defeat to the next attempt… or even if–… GAH! Too many variables to ponder over this with! I have to remain calm and trust in my faith and abilities.

I have friends who can help me, I can do this. I’m not alone in this fight. My fight. My path, my journey, my goal, my Destiny. My Life.